SCNY, Sports Chiropractors of New York, is a non-profit organization. We are “dedicated to improving the athletic health of the people of New York State.” The mission of the organization is to promote sports chiropractic and the chiropractic approach to health and fitness to the public through athletic event coverage, through post-graduate doctor education and through providing a forum for professional networking and sharing of clinical experience and ideas between doctors. SCNY seeks to educate its doctors and the public with the latest information and research on the diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation and prevention of sports injuries.

• SCNY doctors volunteer their services at events such as sprint, olympic, half and full distance triathlons, running races of all distances, youth soccer, and track and field events.

• SCNY educates its members through a continuing education credit program through accredited post-graduate chiropractic colleges for its participating doctors at certain events it covers. The continuing education program includes the application of sports chiropractic techniques to both pre and post event athlete care, the integration of sports chiropractic into the sports medicine team at such events, and the continuation of care between the athletic event and office, including injury rehabilitation protocols.

• Techniques used by SCNY doctors at events include soft-tissue treatments and spinal and extremity adjustments, and taping techniques, depending on the setting and athlete history. We work with the emergency medical care at each event to ensure that each participant has the appropriate first aid/triage care if needed.

• Our doctors are all graduates of accredited chiropractic colleges, licensed by the state, are fully insured to cover athletic events on-site, and are certified in the post-graduate techniques they use at events. In some cases student interns working under the supervision of the licensed doctors assist at some events.

• SCNY also hosts seminars on the latest sports chiropractic techniques and holds spring and fall general meetings to further educate its members.